XconnectDC Has The Resources To Help Build Your Business

XconnectDC – Data center service provider has the experienced technicians who have an unrivaled reputation for efficient and immediate remote support. We have the proven experience and technical know-how necessary to answer the important business questions essential for your company, and your clients, to stay competitive and grow.

We also monitor your applications for guideline conformity and rule compliance.

Because we’re in a position to build state-of-the-art data centers, your company benefits from the fortress-like environment for your critical equipment.

Data Center Service Provider

XconnectDC allows you to focus on your primary competencies; we do this by providing more than physical space. We offer: always-on universal remote hands-on services, highly reliable electric power and cooling down alternatives, physical security and an ecosystem of associates — data service providers, cloud providers and financial services companies with whom you can seamlessly collaborate.

Our data center solution services are adaptable, scalable, secure and cost-efficient. Coupled with exceptional service, we focus on ensuring your data center plan offers the proper workload in the proper place at the proper value.

Data Center Services

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery services
  • Maintain the integrity of your colocated resources
  • Back-up electrical power
  • Adapt proactively to issues or increased demand
  • 24/7 tech-support team services work as an expansion of your business team, when you can’t be present yourself
  • Maintenance and oversight
  • Network expansion and extra deployments

XconnectDC Connections

At XconnectDC, we also provide connections and collaboration. Our client’s enjoy full use of our Marketplace portal, which not only offers you the platform to trade services, but also gives various tools to connect to potential business and market partners. Through services such as Marketplace live and Marketplace local, we foster in-person interaction and networking relationships that can create future opportunities for your business.

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