The cyber security industry was rocked in February after a ransomware attack against the Cloud service provider Accellion.

Dozens of organisations that used the software reported incidents in one of the worst months we’ve ever recorded. We found 118 publicly recorded incidents, of which 43 were ransomware attacks.

It’s not the news we were expecting having recently reported that organisations had turned the tide on ransomware attackers – but clearly fraudsters are doubling down on their efforts.

In total, we detected 2,323,326,953 breached records. You can find the full list below, with incidents affecting UK-based organisations listed in bold.

Meanwhile, you can find detailed breakdowns of some of the more notable incidents by subscribing to our Weekly Round-up or by visiting our blog (where we have a dedicated series on phishing scams).

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There are only two kinds of companies in the world:

1. Those companies that have been hacked and know it
2. Those companies that have been hacked and don’t know it

We’ll help your company manage the real world and help your company survive the day to day in today’s global technology jungle economy. You’re under constant attack—get used to it. We’ll help you survive and thrive.

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XConnect is brand new, right out of the state of the art box. No legacy equipment, no virus trails, untouched, virgin, clean technology. We’ll work with your company to build a strategic Triad Data Management System™ that’s always on, coupled with a mirror image disaster recovery system and safe archiving of your core assets with systems that are literally “out of reach” of online predators, thieves and assassins.

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Our cloud computing options include both private cloud-services and cloud-interconnections to handle your requirements. Whether an organization, a corporation, or an entity seeking to increase efficiency and decrease expenditures, XconnectDC’s private-cloud provides the flexibility to choose the best solution for your business needs.

Virtual Reality is quickly growing in popularity and with the demand for VR content is expanding. Case studies also show that using a VR experience for your brand will significantly boost your occurrence at any event and can continue to do this even following the experience have ended.

Augmented Reality allows your product to leap off the presentation. 3D content includes a fresh dimension to the client experience.

XconnectDC’s data center services include processes for business continuity, disaster recovery, 24/7 on-site security and customer care – components you need to ensure your businesses remains uninterrupted and performing at optimal levels. XconnectDC is laser focused on offering the systems and support you need to succeed.

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