XconnectDC’s digital media distribution services is a digital circulation and fresh multimedia company that builds up impressive digital systems, products, and content to service and reach people via assorted digital circulation channels.

Being truly a path-breaking contender in the mobile Value Added Services (VAS) space, the business’s priority is to generate and deploy VAS alternatives and applications for mass media houses, telecommunication companies, film companies, brands, application builders and content providers and many others.


Digital Media Distribution Services

XconnectDC focuses on providing end-to-end alternatives; from system possession to billing and provisioning to device evaluation; with services that gather content, device and technology expertise, this facilitates increased digital experience because of its clients.

While our countrywide, network marketers love us-either as their most important or secondary place delivery firm-we’re especially suitable for service promoters with a lot of intricate, local area delivery requirements, those with generally a regional focus, political campaigns requiring overall flexibility and speed, or any advertiser or agency seeking more private service.

How Media Distribution Works?

Taking onward the dedication and the idea of the business towards digital media distribution, XconnectDC creates online and offline effort for media product distribution, which works with both on an evolved online consumer and media platform user.

To ensure custom-made content for the tiny display screen, XconnectDC’ in-house studios and product team has been entirely dedicated to retaining the best standard in the regular generation of progressive and easy-to-consume content for mobile phones.

About digital Media Distribution services

The digital media are supplied via satellite, landlines/internet and on cloud based network services. The XconnectDC in all paperwork have very excessive excellent of offerings and being used by gold standard media houses of the region.

Spearheading XconnectDC is its top management, prepared with a solid track record in the visible media and an insatiable love to increase and understand the value of media distribution.

Media Distribution with Different Platforms

Streaming provider of XConnectDC is the professional-grade carrier for streaming media to audiences of any size on any device—from encoder, accomplishing global audiences with splendid, custom-branded movies— without a extra infrastructure.

Our answers are designed to assist streaming wishes for multi layout (android, home windows, iOS etc.) and multi device (tablets, pc or smartphones and so forth.) uni/multi-solid streams with multiple skills of formats and video gamers.

Execution of Media distribution

Digital Media Distribution Services is executed across diverse domains and regions. An element that moves hand-in-hand with the business’s USP – to comprehend the intricacy and dynamics of new distribution and mix it with the right content, which is correctly packed to expose the buyer to a perfect experience. A specialist team of unrelenting specialists leads the business’s state-of-the-art innovation center in USA. To provide cutting-edge technology solutions in the ever-evolving VAS scenery, it showcases market powered impressive applications.