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At XconnectDC, we provide managed private cloud services that help it to make it possible for businesses to choose from a number of cloud options including both private cloud and cloud interconnections to handle their growing software industry requires. Whether you are an organization, SMB, company, or a corporation simply seeking to keep your charges down or increase IT efficiency, being in an XconnectDC data center will provide you with the capability to pick the best cloud solution for your business.

The cloud is more earthbound than the word might suggest. Physical connections, infrastructure and networks constitute the foundation for everything we access and communicate via the cloud. XconnectDC supplies the foundation for the physical infrastructure. We help direct, secure cable connections between cloud providers and businesses within and between our data centers. Along with the XconnectDC Cloud exchange, a growing ecosystem of premium cloud solutions from a strategic and diverse set of managed cloud service agency partners, we permit enterprises to acquire these services through virtual and physical connectivity across multiple cloud provider options.

About managed private cloud

Requiring an excessive stage of manipulating over a good-sized array of IT resources shouldn’t prevent you from migrating to the cloud. That’s why you want a managed private cloud to set up a completely controlled, dedicated environment to your commercial enterprise. XConnectDC can build you a single dedicated private environment that is fast and flexible enough to run everything from your CRM systems to your ERP solutions.

AR-VR Private Cloud Services

Currently, we are living in good time with virtual reality which is not only related to movies and related shows. Now it’s ahead of these all with new VR devices and excellent graphic technologies. The VR with Private Cloud can makes possible to use Virtual Reality services on cloud platform and AR is also coming on the same way as AR private cloud services.

Advantages of augmented and virtual reality could platform

On offline or hardware based VR/AR content are high priced and also with limitations but the cloud computing, especially private cloud helps people to use VR and AR services beyond the limit and at affordable cost compared to previous situation. XconnectDC provides private cloud services which can works with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Why Do I Need A Private Cloud?

A managed private cloud service is what you require and when you have new work requirements or performance-based plans. Commonly a private cloud is

  • Hosted with some business-related server
  • It helps only related clients
  • The cable connection or private connection network
  • It has shared the connection but also private

Private Cloud Platform for your Business

When looking at an exclusive cloud model, you together control a secure and unique cloud environment to control all your resources. Like other models, private clouds offer computing power as something inside a virtualized environment that uses an underlying pool of physical resources. The difference, however, is that the pool of resources is merely accessible by you and for that reason makes management easier so that as the name implies, it offers you the level of privacy with your computer data.

If you require dedicated, on-site processing electric power or storage space because of the aspect of your projects and mission-critical data, the private cloud is right for you. XconnectDC cloud agency provides you a private cloud that can meet your exact requirements and needs while providing your satisfaction thanks to an extremely available, secure and scalable environment predicated on dedicated, non-shared servers so you can certainly run your critical programs in complex environments.

Private cloud offers a fast, highly resilient platform as something IaaS capabilities, but cloud-in-a-box or build-your-own cloud alternatives typically require significant up-front capital investment funds, comprehensive system integration and ongoing support.