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Virtual Studio & Production

Virtual studio places that allow real-time collaboration of people and computer-generated environments or objects within a seamless manner are not just new to the broadcasting market. However, what truly makes a show stand out is that the photo-realism it achieves. To everybody’s surprise, the hologram of Hazard fit perfectly in the studio, sitting on a chair and making realistic eye-contact together with the hosts. Imagine an augmented reality-enabled dragon flying into a scene, soaring around as the audiences gasp in utter disbelief and letting a good roar before taking off again. How amazingly impressed the audience must have been by these visual adventures!

Xconnect offers the next level of digital studio production using real-time visual effects with its incredible virtual studio and augmented reality stage,’ Reality.’ The system leverages various innovative real-time compositing tools and Zero Density’s proprietary keying technology to help create immersive content and reevaluate story-telling in the broadcasting, cinema, or media industry. Today, we’re proud that various leaders in the entertainment & media industry such as Eurosport, Fox Sports, EA Games, and Shanghai Media Group rely on our virtual studio production solutions.

What resulted in the development of Virtual Studio? How has the stage evolved with present trends in the entertainment and media area?

Although broadcasters and manufacturers were hugely in favor of virtual sets, they could not utilize them efficiently. We saw the necessity to solve these issues and attracted the maximum level of quality, ease of use, and incredible visual effects, defining the scene ever since.

Initially founded as an R&D company, we intend to identify gaps in the industry and provide innovative services to meet those gaps.

Reality’ is shooting broadcasting to the next level by providing tools for creating captivating content together with the Maximum photo-realism potential, and in turn, revolutionizing story-telling

There is always a need for appealing methods of story-telling to make a gripping connection with the audience about current trends. The most fitting way to make this happen would be to have visual excellence and premium content. Virtual studio production is taking broadcasting to the next level by offering tools for creating captivating content together with the highest photo-realism potential, and in turn, revolutionizing story-telling.

Xconnect’s Reality Engine is based on Unity and Real system, which provides rendering precision for the 3D environment and will be the world’s earliest real-time, node-based compositor that permits real-time visual effects pipelines. It also enables complex hybrid virtual studio operations by seamlessly blending virtual and real environments. To enhance the effectiveness of virtual studio creation, we have also developed our components/services.

We’re growing quickly and have established our LA, NJ branch lately, along with a brand new release for Data Center. We want to highlight that Virtual Studio and production aren’t a service but a stage that will respond to the evolving demands of the industry with every new release. Shortly, our platform will also target the digital media business, virtual reality services, data centers, unity, and virtual studio production.