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At XConnectDC, we bridge the gap between imagination and reality. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, our rendering services breathe life into your architectural and design dreams. Trust in XConnectDC to deliver impeccable, high-definition renders that captivate and inspire.

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Rendering Services

XconnectDC gives the best administrations in the world of 3D Rendering Services, 3D Architectural Rendering, 3D Animation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other sectors, liveliness, and plan segments. Presently persuading your customer while showcasing 3D Interior Rendering, Floor Plan, Exterior/Interior Rendering, Modeling and Walkthroughs in every one of the measurements. 2D and 3D is not the range of your stresses, since we do it for you at the simplicity of having a bit of cake and at a speed of helping.

Our Rendering Software Price, Cost/Hour

3D Render Pricing Table

Preemptible Standard Preemptible Standard Preemptible Standard Preemptible Standard
RM3-8vcpu-16gb $0.58 $0.83 $0.61 $0.86 $1.45 $1.70 $0.58 $0.83
RM3-16vcpu-32gb $0.96 $1.47 $0.87 $1.38 $1.55 $2.06 $0.68 $1.19
RM3-32vcpu-64gb $1.73 $2.74 $1.40 $2.41 $1.76 $2.77 $0.89 $1.90
RM3-64vcpu-128gb ALPHA $2.38 $4.47 $2.10 $4.19 $1.23 $3.32

Our Rendering Software Price, Cost/Hour. Above time quotations are per hour per machine. Minimum billing time per sequence is 10 minutes. Storage charged at $0.20/GB per month.