Augmented Reality Data Center

Currently, Augmented Reality is growing fast in technology field and it takes too much hardware configurations for perfect real world experience. With Augmented Reality, the data center demand is increased to handle latest AR technology.

Augmented Reality is not complete new concept because it is used from many companies and popular brands like IKEA app is using AR concept for home furniture sale purpose. Similarly, big brands like Applem Google and many others are working AR technology as Apple’s ARKit, Google’s 3D concepts and Tango applications. But these all required some data space and it increase demand of Augmented Reality Data Centers.

Data center is biggest part for all software companies and it is must required for any cloud or web/app based platform with big data. Augmented Reality Data Center idea comes from special demand of data center with large Augmented Reality system.

From last couple of years, digital data is producing in large numbers due to lots of online users. These all data can be visualize easily with the help of Augmented Reality technology. The AR with latest data can show accurate details and excellent user experience view. This is best part of technology which connects Augmented Reality and Data Centers.

AR Immersive Advertising

VR advertising is good idea for marketing but is it not as effective as the latest marketing technology as Immersive Advertising. VR advetising is definitely excellent way of marketing but it would not the best way in comparison of AR Immersive Advertising.

If your business advertising needs to get large number of focus by real users than 360 view technology is very important.

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