Augmented Reality Media Security

Augmented reality media is being more popular day by day. AR media is digital image view within real world which provides realistic view of anything without extra physical components. There are many software developers are working on Augmented Reality applications which increase contribution of AR in digital world. It also increase media security issue with new technology hackers.

It is clear rule from hackers and security attackers that: Whenever any new technology starts hackers are ready to attack and media security issue arise. Augmented reality media application can be targeted from any smart-phones, social media platforms, digital games and many other internet gateways.

Augmented reality media security is very sensitive because of real world integration. Let’s take one example as car driving with Augmented reality application which show real time speed and route information. If there is any media security attach done by hackers that it will change map view and show wrong route details. It also show wrong speed and can make more damage. There are many attacks are possible on Augmented Reality technology. Some common AR media security issues are mentioned below:

AR required many sensitive permissions on smart-phone or on web browser like location, camera, sensors etc. which are required to access real time world view. Attacks on these all data can make very serious effects on user with safety, money loss, private data privacy and many more.

The another common issue with Augmented Reality Media is changing content with fake view or details. It can stop real camera effects, emergency technology effects, can create graphic quality issue, unwanted ads or content and lots of others.

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AR Media Distribution

Video with Augmented Reality is definitely new media distribution technique which includes Video plus latest technology combination. We already know that video is innovative way of marketing because of it’s digital content sharing concept which decrease time and improve concentrate of end users.

AR Media Distribution can improve user experience with different types of virtual and real world components. The Augmented reality media reflects excellent graphics and motions with overlay views.

Augmented Reality media distribution can be used in many fields like ecommernce, eduction, real estate, health and many others. Let’s go with some examples:

Media Distribution in eCommerce:

Online product selling (eCommerce) is very popular now a days. Many Ecommerce companies working on AR concept to show real time products to users. IKEA app is the best example of Augmented Reality technology in Ecommerce concept.

Education, Health & Real Estate:

The education is another very popular market of Augmented Reality Media Distribution which improves teaching power and increase grasping power to learner. The practical concept is also being easy with augmented reality due to it’s advanced real time view features.

AR media distribution is also getting more attention from health and real estate sectors. In real estate, builder can show real time building concept with outer and inner with and also it make possible to add home interiors with different options without any physical real products requirements.

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